Windows 8 and Scanners

Sonntag, 29. September 2013 - 16:53

I added a new PC with Windows 8 to my little Network, which so far only hosted Linux PCs (and Windows 7 or earlier from guests).

Technically Windows 8 is fine, but all SW suppliers try to sell things to me which I am not interested in. I have to be carefull with any “accept” click. Linux people don’t do that.

There is one issue with Windows 8: Some scanners (I use the HP Officejet 4500…) don’t work, as no drivers are provided. I experienced that with a networked printer/scanner. Solution:

  1. Switch off virus protection.
  2. Install new driver from printer manufacturer’s web site. (In case of HP the tool hppiw.exe helps.)
  3. Switch on virus protection.
  4. Test printing and scanning.
  5. During the procedure, something also in the printer/scanner may have been changed. If other clients in the network don’t recognize the printer anymore, in their configurations the printer/scanner has to be reinstalled.

I still prefer Linux.

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