Only fools report crime to criminals

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013 - 23:59

John Kornblum once was an American ambassador to Germany. This evening he participated in Günther Jauch’s late evening talk show (on the channel 1 in Germany) in discussing the NSA’s spying on German citizens, including leading politicians like Angela Merkel. Another participant was Marcel Rosenbach, a Journalist of the weekly SPIEGEL magazine. He discussed with Kornblum about Edward Snowden.

Kornblum accused Edward Snowden of not having used the official whistleblowing channels which would have been available to him in the US legal system. This is ridiculous. How could Snowden have relied on a lawfully managed whistleblowing system in a state which persistently acts against the law? Who would be so stupid to trust into a complaint system run by law breakers?

Snowden surely was not that foolish as Kornblum asked him to be. After what Snowden found out, this whistleblower knew that he could not rely anymore on law and order in the USA. It would be suicidal to report offenses to the offenders. The know about their offenses already too well.

This is how terrorism works: It puts the state into a Catch-22 situation which easily could lead the state to take countermeasures which destroy its own legal foundations. This is how we steer to the end of democracy.

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