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http://umverteilung.de/oei/ hilft, Ungleichverteilungsmaße zu berechnen.

The following script explains how to compute inequality indices.

First some formulas from Amartya Sen’s and James E. Foster’s book
“On Economic Inequality” (1973/1997)
are implemented:
(1) Entropy of expected information content (2.11 on pg.35, A. Sen)
(2) Theil’s measure (redundancy of the expected information content)
(2.12 on pg.35, A. Sen)
(3) Atkinson family (Chapter A.2.2, pg.128, J. E. Foster)
(4) Generalized entropy class (Chapter A.4.1, pg.140, J. E. Foster)

Then further inequality computation routines are shown:
(5) Redundancy R (R[1] = Theil[1])
(6) Gini-Hoover index for societies devided into two a-fractiles:
Gini index and Hoover index computed from Theil index
(7) Gini Index,Hoover Index, three versions of the Theil[1] redundancy
(without any inequality aversion parameters) and the Lorenz curve.
This routine is wrapped into the class GiniHooverTheil(), where I
may add some functionality later.

The last chapter allows you to run experiments with the previous function and
the GiniHooverTheil() class. You should delete that section (or at least any
code which runs experiments) in case you want to use this script in your own
application script. Such a script simply would start with two lines:

from onOEI import *

The first line is recommended for UNIX like OS environments and won’t do any
harm in other environments. “onOEI” may have to be replaced by the name of the
version you are using. At the end of the listing in the “run demo” section,
calls which still are active, may have to be turned into comments.
(8) For your experiments

G.Kluge, Munich, 2008-11-17

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