Cheap Tablets

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016 - 19:27

Not a good choice: I tried out a cheap tablet netbook PC. It is the Trekstor SurfTab twin 10.1 with MS-Windows 10. After about four months of (not to frequent) usage, the keyboard now sometimes stops working. The issue also is related to the position of the tablet. I think, that the cable between the keyboard and the dock for tablet is a weakpoint due to the bending that occurs when opening and closing the device.

By the way, don’t consider to use such cheap tablets for Linux. You can boot it externally (with some tweaks), but latest if it comes to start graphical mode, you’ll be in trouble. I guess that Microsoft made sure, that no competing operating systems can kick Windows out.

Try in case you search computers (including Netbooks etc.) which support Linux.

I now use that SurfTab with an USB hub (which has its own power supply) and an external keyboard for tasks where I cannot avoid Windows (e.g. for my iPhone). But my main computer is a Acer Aspire R11. Computers from that family work fine with Linux.

2016-10-31: I could’t stop myself and opened the keyboard and its dock for the tablet. Now I lost the warranty, but got some insight. What we see here, doesn’t need any further comment.

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