Call it ChickShare

Samstag, 24. Juni 2017 - 11:28

This is about USB projectors and about Barco ClickShare CSC. Barco stopped to support Linux and keeps showing a bad attitude when responding to requests to support Linux. The worst: They don’t tell the truth. Thus, there is an issue with business ethics.

Support for the Linux client has ended as it requires an enormous effort to support all the Linux distributions and their quick updates, while the usage rate of the Linux client was/is very limited. 

If Barco claims that “enormous” effort is required, then they either intentionally don’t tell the truth or they are technically incompetent. I don’t know which of these two failures are worse. Support would be easy if left to linuxers. It is utter nonsense to pretend that support to “all distributions” is required. A generic driver just would be enough. Integration into various distributions can be left to the maintainers of these distributions.

There may be another reason for not supporting Linux: Linux prevents applications pretty well from doing things which users doesn’t want to be done on their computer and with their data. So I surely wouldn’t use ClickShare to present confidential slides.

I assume that ending support to Linux cannot be explained by “anormous” effort. Barco and their business partners made a political decision and intentionally decided to support OSs from Microsoft and Apple only. I don’t trust Barco.

If you want to use Linux laptops for presentations, then don’t do that in Marriott hotels. At least in Munich they made the wrong choice and use ClickShare to provide access the projectors in the conference rooms. Bad decision.

ClickShare is ChickShare.

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